Kaswara plugin the most
rich featured addons
Kaswara comes with cool & unique features that will give
you the full control of all your elements and more.
Everything you need
in one place
A well crafted plugin back-end with unique features & options
easy and intuitive to use with a well designed interface.
Shortcode Styling
Shortcode default styling will give you the possibility to create default style values for an element so you won’t repeat the same settings every time you add that element.
Icon Manager
Icon Manager tool will allow you to upload new set of icons that you can use in visual composer shortcodes. Easy to use and manipulate interface.
Cf7 Designer
A cool and unique feature developed by our team that gives you the total freedom to create whatever form style you want! No more boring forms that looks old and the same.
Replica Section
A very useful tool that will help you creating pages and posts so fast and easily. No more repeating the same work over and over again!
Google Fonts
Choose from +800 google font library. You can add any font family you want and have multiple fonts in the same page for different elements with responsive possibility.
Shortcode Manager
You can now enable or disable any element you want using the shortcode manager once an element is disabled it won’t be visible in visual composer.
Custom Settings
We decided to add CSS and JavaScript. Code editor for advanced users so they can have their custom code. The editor comes with many cool features.
Demo Importer
Unique and stylish web pages ready to use and to be imported with just one simple click. All the demos are pushed directly from our servers.
Contact Form 7 Designer
Take your contact forms to another level
with a whole new styles & effects!
How it Works ?
Start by creating a new Contact form 7 style using the CF7 Designer. The interface is so easy to use and intuitive, you can control and modify everything sizes, colors, backgrounds and more… No coding knowledge is required all what you need to do is click and drag&drop. The designer comes with a real time live preview so you can see the result the same time you are making the modifications.
Once you create a new styling in the contact form 7 designer, Now it’s time to add to your page. In the visual composer make sure to choose Contact form 7 element (shortcode) that belongs to kaswara plugin. Add the element to your page and choose the contact form also the styles you have created. Please note that you can create unlimited styles that can be applied for any of your forms even in the same page.
Shotrcode Default Styling
Give your shortcodes default styling so it can
be used directly in your visual compser
How it Works ?
Navigate to Shortcode Styling and choose the element you want, you will find a set of settings and styling that can be changed easily. After making the changes, now it’s possible to add elements to your pages using visual composer without making any changes. Just check on the element settings “use default”.
Why Shortcode Styling ?
Shortocode styling will save you plenty of time especially if you have a lot of pages to create with the same elements and same settings. For example you can define default color, font and size settings so you will NOT repeat the same work for all your elements. A time and effort saver!!
Google Font Manager
No more limits with Kaswara fonts manager
choose the best for your website!
+800 Font Family
Loaded From Google
Responsive Fonts
Fast Loading
How it Works ?
With the large font families choice that kaswara plugin gives you. Now you can add any font you wish for, in your page. You can also apply multiple font styles and families in the same page. All what you need to do is to add the font family you want from the Google font manager.
When you add a new font from the Google library, you will be able to use directly in the visual composer page builder elements. All what you need is to choose the font you want and it will be applied to your elements. The font will be loaded from the Google servers for better performances.
Shotrcode Manager
Have the full control on what shortcode elements
should be shown in the page builder
Disable Elements
Shortcode Management
Better Control
Only What Needed
How it Works ?
Once you are in the Shortcode manager area you can choose or choose the element you want to disable or enable. You can also enable or disable all the elements with a button click. Full shortcode management so you can create your pages or posts with only elements you really need and like.
Always Check Before Disabling!
Before you disable any element or shortcode, you need to make sure that you are not using that element in any of your pages or posts. If you disable an element that already exists in a page. The element will be shown as simple shortcode text with no styling or settings (just text), until you enable the element again.
Demo Importer
Ready unique pages that you can import
with just one simple click.
Advanced Custom Settings
If you are an advanced user you can use the custom settings
for more control over your shortcode elements.
How it Works ?
For more control on the elements, you can use the advanced editor to add custom Css and JavaScript.
When you add new code it will override all the above code, use the auto completion feature.
All the code you add won’t be lost when we release new plugin updates. All the changes are kept!
Font Icons Manager
Icon Manager tool will allow you to upload new set
of icons that you can use in VC shortcodes.