Layered Images
A very cool & stylish way to showcase your images to your website visitors.
Showcase Example
Use Case
You can use the layered images as a way to showcase your images or info in a unique & stylish way
Background Image
You can apply a background image or background color for the  layered images container, then add your items.
3D Hover Effect
You can apply a 3D hove effect for the container and some of your images, use just if needed.
How to Use?
Just add your images and choose the settings like animations & duration for each single image.
Trigger Repeat
The animations will be triggered once the image in viewport, however there is a possibility for re-animation.
Is it Responsive?
Yes it’s totally responsive and the images size will be adapted depending on the screen size.
Animation Effects
You can apply for each image a different show animation effect, with the possibility of animation iteration.
infinite Animation
You can choose to animate a certain image infinitely, for example a car tire to give it a moving effects.
Some Advice?
For layered images, Please make sure to use PNGs with the same size for better results.
This is just a simple example of what you can there are a lot of other possibilities
Just imagine, create and unleash the artist within you, the only limit is your imagination